I can’t form any coherent thoughts tonight. Too much happening with focus on ISIS and warmongering. In addition, a young woman whom I kind of identify with (she’s gone through a lot of shit and sometimes I see my younger self in her) is having some difficulties. Therefore, here’s a fluffy kitty to make us all feel better, I hope.



4 thoughts on “Oscarito

  1. I feel better already. Though I’d feel awesomer if that gorgeous kitty was curled up in my lap, warm and purring as I stroked her beautiful fur. Which would then shed all over me.
    TOTALLY worth it.

    1. This one is our boy cat, but you’ve got the idea just right–any day is better with a kitty curled up on your lap! Oscarito NEVER stops purring, either, so he’s pretty much perfect. Er, purrfect.

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