Who is Your Favorite Female Game of Thrones Character?

After yesterday’s sad post, I thought I’d brighten things up with a poll.  Who is the Game of Thrones character you most identify with, or whom you like the most?  I can’t figure out how to post two polls in one blog entry, so I’ll create another post for male characters.  There are a lot more males, so I picked most of the main characters for that one.  If you have others, please add them.  Also, if you feel inclined, say why you identify with/like that character in the comments.  I’ll tell mine later today or tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Who is Your Favorite Female Game of Thrones Character?

  1. This was a hard decision to make. I do a lot of defending of Sansa, and of course I LOVE Arya, that adorable murder-angel, but I just really like Brienne a lot. Like my fave guy Davos, she’s straightforward, earnest, and loyal.

    And she had a good effect of Jaime Lannister, helping him rehabilitate his aspect somewhat.

    Go Brienne! The Beauty of Tarth! (And I say that sincerely and unironically.)

    1. Woot! I find a lot to like in many of the female characters. Think Arya is my favorite, but Brienne’s integrity comes a very close second. Thanks for replying!

  2. I’ve had to ponder for days about this one – thats why I love GRRM’s characters, they are so well thought out with positive and negative qualities that I identify with many of them. Love Dany’s never say die attitude, plus it is SO badass to be fireproof. I love Arya but with her huge strength there is also a darkness which borders on evil, for me. In personality I’m probably most like Sansa, though I would like to be a little more Arya. (Just a little!!) Ultimately I chose Brienne as my favourite because of all the remaining characters she’s the one who would upset me the most by dying. CARN THE MAID!

    1. Great analysis of why you like the characters! I feel like I would love to be more like Arya, too, though her way of clinging to revenge is quite scary, I agree. There is a scene in Book 3 (Storm of Swords) where an old seer meets Arya along with some outlaws on the site of an old sort of temple of the original inhabitants of the land. The seer tells Arya she is blackhearted and bloody, though those are not her exact words. That freaked me out, probably because it foreshadows what is to come for Arya.

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