Who is Your Favorite Male Game of Thrones Character?

Who is the Game of Thrones character you most identify with or like the most?  See the previous post for female characters.  If you feel inclined, tell why you like him in the comments.  Yes, I know I’ve included people who get killed, but they’re still really interesting characters!


3 thoughts on “Who is Your Favorite Male Game of Thrones Character?

  1. I voted for Davos, who I really, really like. Simple, straightforward (dare I say Ned Stark-esque, no I dare not jinx the Onion Knight) and Westeros’ line of defense in keeping Stannis from totally being seduced by the dark side.

    And he reminds me of my dad, so there’s that. Go Davos!

  2. The Imp, definitely. How many times has he nearly died now??! He’s a rich kid but because he’s had to deal with prejudices his whole life (being a dwarf AND a Lannister) he has so much empathy for the less fortunate. He is honourable, tries hard and cares about others despite the fact many people hate him for no reasons other than a) he’s a dwarf and b) he’s a Lannister. He’s got brains, balls, great sense of humour and I’d love to have a beer or two with him.
    That said, Tyrion possesses a core of Valyrian steel; he is not to be fucked with.

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