The Ongoing Saga of Elrond Hubby and Pet Hair

I haven’t written much over the last few days for a few different reasons.  Mostly, I’ve been feeling down, but I was also falling behind on planning and grading for my class, so I’ve been working on catching up on that, too.  Plus, it’s so interesting to read all of your stories that sometimes I don’t realize that a couple of hours has passed!  So, apologies to my NaBloPoMo goals, but I’m trying to figure out a way to balance things.

Anyway, you may have read previous posts on Elrond Hubby‘s obsession with pet hair, here and here.  Last night, he was talking again about my plan to get a Great Pyrenees dog.  He is dead set against it, because of the masses of hair that the Pyrenees have, and the amount of shedding that they must do.  I broke down and showed him my posts on his rants about cat hair a few days ago, and now he is self-conscious, but not in a bad way.  He also realizes how obsessed he is about it and how funny it must seem, so it gives us more to laugh about.

But he is not giving up!  He remembered yesterday that I said a couple of weeks ago that the President’s dogs, Bo and Sunny, who are Portuguese Water Dogs, are apparently nearly hypo-allergenic, and “they don’t shed.”   I remember saying this.  I don’t remember why I said it, other than I think I believed it at the time, but then I doubted myself.  Maybe I was wrong?  Maybe I just want a doggie so much that I am willing to lie about the hair issue?  I didn’t look it up, thinking he might drop it (HA, right!)

So, last night, he brought up Bo and Sunny again, and the conversation went something like this:

EH:  So, you said they’re hypo-allergenic?

Me:  Yep.

EH:  And they don’t shed?

Me:  (feeling sheepish and guilty)  Um, I might have been lying about that.


Me:  It might be true!

EH:  I am never trusting you again.  About dogs, I mean.

Me:  Really?  At least I was honest enough to tell you that I lied about it.  OK, let’s look it up.

(In general, we look up a lot of things to solve questions like this.  Thank goodness for the internet!)

Me:  HAH!  I’m right!  (Reading from Wikipedia that they are nearly hypoallergenic and do not shed…as much as other dogs.)

EH:  Heyyyyy, that picture doesn’t look like Bo and Sunny.  Where did all that hair come from?  If that’s what they’re like, then that’s a fricking nightmare!

Then we laugh.  A lot.

EH:  Ok, go blog about that.  You should make your blog all about me, since I’m apparently hilarious.

He says that jokingly.  I think he’s flattered that I think he’s hilarious.  At least stuff like that isn’t a “problem.”  I mean, he says that I could throw poop at the walls like a monkey in the zoo and he would still love me.  In monkeys’ defense, I have never seen or heard of them throwing poop, but I believe him about the love part, thank goodness.  So I guess I can overlook his teeny tiny obsession with cat and dog hair.  🙂


7 thoughts on “The Ongoing Saga of Elrond Hubby and Pet Hair

  1. My mom has a shih-tzu we named Kubota. They don’t shed. 😛 He gets jealous pretty easily, though. But I love him to death!
    My roommate also got her parents a labradoodle or something of the sort … He’s hypoallergenic too, and a very sweet boy. (:

  2. My dog looks so harmless with his smooth coat– but he sheds constantly. Dog hair, dog hair… wall-to-wall carpeting or knitting sweaters, one of these things I’ll do with these hairs. Perhaps. Yours must be heaven compared to that.
    And, since I don’t find an about page, here’s an award I gave you since I like your blog so much: The Lovely Blog Award. If you like, grab it here: — If you have it already, please disregard or give it to someone else. 🙂

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