Knitting as Decluttering

Over the Christmas holidays, I started knitting again.  YAY!  It had been a while, probably several months, since I’d done any crafting at all.  It helped that I had the flu and THEN a cold during January, so I was home from work A LOT.

I’ve finished two afghans since Christmas!  One I started just after Christmas and finished near the end of January, while the other one is a crocheted work that I all-but-finished last spring and then put down because the finishing part is pretty tedious.  They both look really nice, I think!

Here are pics:

Rambling Rows afghan
Rambling Rows afghan
Babette Blanket
Babette Blanket

If you’d like to see more, check out my page on at For a funny story, look at the Knot Shoes to see my mistake when I made a pair that fit my giant cat’s feet, rather than itty-bitty baby feet.

Regarding decluttering yarn, decluttering by knitting is a very SLOW way to do it, but an extremely enjoyable way.  I posted last fall about how my issues with teeth-clenching had gotten a lot worse.  Well, knitting relieves that, for some reason!  I find myself not clenching my jaw at all while knitting.  I also got a kind of mouth retainer from a special dentist to help me stop clenching, and it works all right, but knitting is the best. : )

I would take pics of all the yarn I have in my “stash,” to prove how much there is that needs using up before I will let myself buy any more, but I don’t want to drag it out of the closet and then tell Elrond Hubby what I’m doing (he’ll just laugh, not at all in a mean way, but I do get a little embarrassed). The conversation would be something like:
EH: Why, why, why are you bringing all the yarn out of the closet?
Me:  Um, to take a picture of it and post it on my blog.
EH:  Why do you want people to know how much yarn you have?
Me:  It’s part of my decluttering thing.
EH:  OH (confused look).  And how long before you actually put the yarn back INTO the closet?
Me:  Ummm, before bedtime I guess?
(Then lots of laughing between us because he knows that if I were living alone, I would likely just leave it there and scootch it over to the side of the bed so I could sleep.  At least we laugh about it, and he never gets mad.)