So, last week while I was traveling, I went through 5 different airports, some of them twice (on way to and from Ottawa, not the same exact route going and coming, if you wonder how that math works). Before leaving, I checked all the appropriate sites to be aware of how Ebola is transmitted, as if we hadn’t heard it all already. Based on the news mania about Ebola, I was expecting to see people decked out in surgical gloves or masks. I even took throwaway surgical gloves that we had left over from some extreme cleaning we did last year, just in case.

What I observed really surprised me, to be honest. Not a single person was wearing protective gear. No passengers, no crew, no cashiers, no hotel desk staff, etc. It led me to reflect on 2 things:

1. (This falls under the heading of “duh, of course!”) People in North America are extremely lucky to live in places where this disease has not been a constant daily threat for the last few months. I mean, can you imagine what it’s like to live in Liberia or Sierra Leone and know that you could catch it at any time? It must be terrifying.

2. People were just going about their business because they either had to or wanted to. Period. That’s what we do as humans. We adapt and survive. Why did it surprise me and cause reflection? Perhaps I had given in to the mania of worrying about illness. Actually, I was quite proud that the kind of behavior I had imagined had not prevailed in public. It probably will, if the disease spreads throughout the US, and I will have spoken too soon, but for the moment, I’m impressed.

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More Ottawa Pics

Here are a few more pics from Ottawa, then I’m going to rant a bit about Ebola mania.

Ottawa was BEAUTIFUL!  Here are photos of the National War Memorial where Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot.

DSC00769 DSC00767DSC00764

I don’t think these are photos of Cirillo, based on a quick Google search.  These look much younger and the insignia on their uniforms doesn’t seem to be from the same regiment (if regiment is the right word).

DSC00770 DSC00772

This seems to be the East Block of the Parliament, with the Centre Block in the background.  Honestly, I thought the East Block was a church until I went closer and read more about it.


I spent most of my free time a little further east of Parliament Hill and the historic Rideau Canal, where there is a beautiful park and the Byward Market district.  Here is the Rideau Canal:

IMG_8310 IMG_8280 IMG_8279

Near the canal is also the Revenue Department building:


There is a park between the canal and the Byward Market:


Across the way from the park is the National Gallery of Canada.


In the park, I spied on a family taking photos while playing with the fall leaves. : )DSC00754

In the Byward Market area, there are all kinds of little stores, both for souvenirs and specialty items.  I found t-shirts for Elrond Hubby at the Roots store, and bought a bunch of semi-precious gemstones (amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, amber), some in silver settings for pendants, at a cool store called Kulu Trading.  The market itself was so colorful.  Three pics from my previous post are of the market, as well as this one:


There is also a wonderful French bakery in the Byward area, where I bought this cute gingerbread skeleton, as well as other pastries that made my waistline grow, LOL.


Another plus of Ottawa is that it was the home of one of my favorite jazz musicians, Oscar Peterson!IMG_8288

Gotta go, gonna be late for work, AGAIN.  Luckily, they don’t track my movements very closely. 🙂


Hi, I was in Ottawa last weekend for a conference, so I’ve been invisible to WordPress for a few days while getting ready to travel, traveling, and recovering from traveling, LOL.

I will post something more over the weekend, but first would like to say how wonderful a city Ottawa is, and how sorry I was to learn that people and the government there have been attacked this week.  I walked by the war monument each day that I was there, and took several photos.  It’s a beautiful place, the people all over the city were very friendly, and OMG the bus system is amazingly efficient.  My first trip to Canada.  I hope it won’t be my last.  If anyone can help me find a job there, I would be eternally grateful!

A few pics from the area….

DSC00773 DSC00733 DSC00736 DSC00742 DSC00752 DSC00757 DSC00760 DSC00775I don’t know who trapped a child inside a tree trunk, but please, let her out! 🙂